Blogging Killed My Love For Writing

Fiction was the first thing I ever wrote until I realized that writing nonfiction is so much easier. I didn’t have to look up all the synonyms of “said” constantly and could just write what my brain told me to. That’s part of the reason why I stopped writing fiction, and it was a bad idea because since I stopped I haven’t been writing as much.

Before, writing wasn’t about impressing people. It was about getting a story out there and going back to read it. It may not make sense to anyone but I read my writing because I just enjoy my fiction writing so much. I feel like blogging took all that away.

Suddenly it was about recognition as a blogger and blogging about fashion and beauty, topics which if I’m being honest don’t interest me that much. Probably because I can’t afford to be interested. Being a fashion blogger involves having beautiful clothes, hair and makeup and also having a photographer, none of which I have. I may visit that kind of blogging in a few years but for now, it’s not going to happen.

I love creative writing, writing that has no boundaries, where I don’t experience writer’s block multiple times a month. This is why I’ve decided I’ll stop reading about all the rules of blogging and just do me because at the end of the day that is what I created my blog for. A space where I express myself.

I have even considered creating another blog for all my ramblings (like Jenna on Awkward) but then figured that if I’m going to pay for this blog then I might as well include all my writing on it.

This is part of the reason why I never wanted to be a professional writer or a journalist. Because I write in my own time and when it feels right, and I don’t publish everything I write. Journalism would require that I write about things I may not enjoy or relate to.

With that said though, I want to do writing courses in the future. I’m looking as far as having a BA in creative writing. It’s just a dream though because this is just a hobby and varsity is expensive.

I really want to enjoy writing again so I’m going to stop following all the blogging rules and simply do what I love without worrying that I will never make money from it. It will come and when it does I will welcome it and enjoy it.

This post initially started as me wanting to say I will start writing fiction again on Wattpad but I guess I had a lot to say about this topic and I had been bottling a lot of things up. Let me get onto writing my first story in years, probably a supernatural romantic fiction you guys will never get to read.