5 Ways To Practice Self Care In College

5 Ways To Practice Self Care In College

College is a great time in life. It’s full of new life and learning experiences. But, it can definitely get hectic and of course, stressful. While you’re in school, keep these tips in mind because you matter before anything else.

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Habits That Cause Procrastination

I feel very uncomfortable writing about procrastination because I haven’t figured out how to overcome it yet.

There are a number of habits that cause me procrastination.Things, like using my phone too much and watching tv, are common causes of procrastination.

As much as we try to find the solution to procrastination, I can say at this point if you aren’t committed enough to what you are doing then you will always find a way to procrastinate.

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Books You Should Read In 2017

Books you should read in 2017

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Reading is probably the one thing I enjoy the most. One thing I love about it is that it is a hobby that will build you as a person. Yes, some hobbies can do the same but there is nothing as fulfilling as reading.

During 2016 I read so many books. Even with my limited time, I made sure that I read (I think it’s an addiction) . I knew that even though I feel like I’m wasting time, what I was reading was improving me.

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Achieve Big Goals Without Burning Out

Achieve big goals without burning out

Achieving goals isn’t the easiest, especially big goals. I’ve always set big goals for myself. For example, one of my biggest goals is to make $50,000 a year from this blog. I want to accomplish this in the next five years. And although in my mind this does not seem realistic, I told myself if other people manage to do it in a few months, then I can surely do it in 5 years.

Setting big goals is scary because there is a high chance of failure, and nobody likes failing. The benefit though is that once you manage to reach that goal, you will be much more confident to try to achieve bigger goals. This mindset will make you more successful than you’ve ever been.

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5 Signs You Are A Creative Person

5 signs you are a creative person

Being creative person is defined as being able to make connections between related ideas. Although sadly, not all of us are creative, people who are share some common traits. These traits may not be deemed as ones for creative people because most of them are characteristics of the loners in the society.

You may not know if you are a creative person or not, and that’s totally okay because we can help you discover if you are or not. And even if you don’t tick every box on the list, just know that everyone is born with some level of creativity and like everything else, creativity can be developed. Below are the signs that you are a creative person.

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5 Simple Ways To Become An Early Riser

5 Simple ways to become an early riser

When planning to wake up earlier than usual the next morning to be productive, you probably picture your alarm going off with some calming tunes and you getting up with a smile on your face, opening the blinds to get some light into your room and beginning your morning routine. This is a very unrealistic expectation and it only happens in YouTube morning routines.

Most of the time what happens is you press the snooze button 20 times before realizing that if you don’t wake up you might miss an exam, lose a job or something as dramatic as that. If you’re not a morning person, you’re most likely used to waking up due to this kind of panic.

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5 Effective Ways To Gain Self Discipline

Self-discipline is a state of mind. It’s a habit one creates for themselves and if mastered, can take you far in life. Most people don’t have discipline. In order to gain self-discipline, you must look for ways to do work without external motivation.

What we look for most of the time is motivation so that we can get work done at that specific time. The problem with motivation is that it runs out. It needs to be recharged constantly, almost every day for some people.

What most of us need is discipline so that we can be able to gain enough will power and gather enough inner strength to get up and be productive. Having enough will power will result in being as productive as possible and being able to overcome procrastination easily. Below are the 5 ways of developing discipline and making it into a habit that comes naturally without needing any extra energy.

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