My 2017 Blogging Goals

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I never used to set goals for myself at the beginning of every year. I basically spent the past years just winging it and hoping for the best. But it was acceptable then because I was young and didn’t know any better.

Now that its 2017 and I’m legal (18 years old) and consider myself to be a bit of an adult, I think it’s about time I start. There are so many things I want to do this year but to avoid any disappointments; the only goals I am setting this year are for my blog since that is the only thing I can control.

I have had a lot of influence in the past two months when I started blogging and I’ve seen people reach success so fast. I thought it was easy but when I started, I realized how hard this blogging this actually is.

It was more than I bargained for but I was willing to take on the challenge because I’ve wanted to start a blog for so long that I couldn’t just give up when it got hard. I know right now making money might not be possible but I’m being hopeful that this hobby of mine might one day turn into something big.

Without any further rambling, here are my blogging goals for the year.

Get 10 000 pageview

This to me doesn’t seem realistic at all. At the moment I only have had 400 pageviews (December) in a single month but this requires me to get at least 1k pageviews a month for the next coming months.

Its very scary to think about and because I’m the type of person who always has to achieve her goals, I must make sure I do this or else I’ll feel horrible about it. They say if your goals don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough and that is what I’m attempting.

I’m not investing anything into my blog (except for hosting) so I think it will be harder for me to reach this goal than someone who has watched really good blogging courses and knows what they are doing.

Hopefully early 2018 I will be linking back to this post showing what I have accomplished.

Get 5000 followers on Pinterest

Getting followers on Pinterest is considerably a lot easier than other social networks, with that said, that doesn’t mean this will be a piece of cake. When on Pinterest, all I want to do is read other people’s blogs so I have to get rid of that distraction and only do that when I log in intending to read.

Looking for content to repin and implementing my strategies is the last thing on my mind most of the time. But I have to get rid of that habit and work on getting followers to help me reach my above goal.

Make my blog look Professional

I have started learning HTML5 and CSS at Codecademy and with the skills I acquire, I want to make my site look like the bomb dot com. I can’t afford to outsource any of that design work so I have to learn to do this by myself.

If this is a success, then I might actually start offering those services and eventually start a business. Like I said, these things I’m writing down actually scare me.

Start Freelancing, for real this time

I love money okay. I love money and I love writing so it’s about time I start taking this seriously. I have attempted multiple times to start but have always failed to get clients and gave up.

This year is the year that I take this seriously because blogging obviously won’t be doing that for me this year so I must explore other ways. The year is very long so it’s better not to rush and just take things slowly.

2017 is not the year to be giving up anymore so I hopefully will stick with it and start making some cash. God knows I need it.

Write more on my blog

Taking a week break from writing has become a norm since launching. It’s like starting a blog took the fun out of writing sometimes but immediately after I start typing, the words flow and the fun is back.

My belief is that it’s the writing ‘meaningful, helpful content’ that has me feeling like this. Most of the time I have no idea what to put out there and not everyone reads personal posts like this one so I have to be careful about the content I produce.

With this post, I figured it’s about time I pull out the ‘Lifestyle’ posts since that is how I define the blog. It feels too personal because the word ‘I’ was used very frequently, more than I’m comfortable with but I can live with that and get used to it. These type of posts are actually the ones I enjoy writing the most

I hate planning so all these are goals I hope to incorporate into my year. I am in no way saying that this will all be what I will be working towards in my life or even in my blog. This is because I cannot handle routines so planning out my year is not going to happen.

New goals will also probably pop up as early as tomorrow because my mind is very busy and always coming up with new ideas. The ones above are just the ones that really stuck. Hopefully at least two of them will be realized.


  1. Dineo says:

    There is just something about writing your goals down that makes you accomplish them. I’ve been doing it for a while and it has worked for me.

    Writing goals down for me is the same as saying: God this is what I want to accomplish, you’re basically putting yourself out there and being real with your needs and desires. So you have taken the first step to reaching your goals :).

  2. Leo says:

    Nice read and well done. I’m definitely looking forward to more articles coming from you and good luck with the year ahead.

    It’s great that you have realized that in life you have to make plans for the year and I’m happy that you didn’t mention the word “new year resolution” because to me that is just wishes for the year. Meaning You might do or not during the year and not feel guilty about it if you didn’t. But with goals it means you have plans in place and it’s something you look forward in achiving them in that year.

    For me personally before the start of the year, normally during the festive season it’s when I sit down and reflect on the past year and think what is that I have achived (big or small). What was my plan(goal) in that year?Did I achieve everything I wanted to do? Was it worth doing what I wanted to do? What did I learn from doing that? After asking myself all those then it’s time I celebrate my successes if there are any (lol).

    Then during the first week of the year it’s time I write down everything I want to do and achive during the year (setting realistic goals). I write down how am I going to achive them, how much costs will be involved if there will be any and by when I want to accomplish them. As the year progress I then tick off my finished “projects”. In that way I know that with the 12 months God has given me I am made use of every moment of it usefully.

    Good luck with your blog and may it be a successful one. Re ya go lebogiša, tšwela pele.

  3. Hlapo says:

    People who don’t write down their goals tend to fail easier than the ones who have plans. It is also very important to keep on going back ,checking if you are really achieving your goals or not then do something about it.

    For the past few years I have learnt how write down my goals. To make them measurable and realistic. The Bible also says that we should write down our goals. The more I see my goals on paper,the more I work hard and smart to achieve them.

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