The Truth About The “Secret to Success”

“The secret to success”

This is a term we search for on a daily basis. We all want to know the secret to success. Whether it’s how to become wealthy, how to be happier or how to make a success of your business. The list is endless because we all want to become something more in life.

We read endless articles that motivate us, make us feel good and empowered. While this might actually help you at some point, you can only get so far by this motivation.

This is because most of us tend to enjoy the motivation more than making things happen, which is why we end up wasting time reading motivational quotes and still end up not doing what we are supposed to be doing.

While hanging out with the right type of crowd and the motivation you feed off from will help, there are just some things you have to figure out for yourself.

Below are a few things I have noticed about the average person who is trying to make a success of their life.

Reading too much information

You can spend countless hours reading on how to start a business and actually never get to do it. It is a thing that happens and we will always have an excuse for it. The product wasn’t good enough for the public, the content wasn’t great enough to put out there for criticism

Perfectionism kills a lot of creative ideas because of insecurities; people wanting things to be a certain way before getting things out.

The best way to see if something is going to work is to just do it. Now, today. Stop reading about it or thinking about, saying I will do it tomorrow when I have enough energy.

Chances are when you are new in the industry you are tapping into, no one knows you yet. At least not enough people to scare you from launching because it’s probably your mom and friends who will get the message and the first time around.

I remember I read about blogging since I was in grade 10, but never started a blog I was serious enough about to actually write for and put in the work. If you count the years, that is actually 3 years worth of information and I’m nowhere near figuring out this blogging thing.

There is such a thing as information overload, so when studying your craft be careful of how much and which information you are consuming.

Stop Talking About It

Beating around the bushes about ideas and taking your time is actually wasting time. A number of people I have heard that have said they want to start businesses in the first three months of 2017 alone is shocking. And most are not doing anything about it, not even thinking of business ideas or writing a plan.

It just goes to show that a lot of people are sleeping on themselves. There really is not ‘secret’ to success. I don’t believe there is. If there was someone would have revealed it already. Although starting that business might not be possible at this moment, what is it that you are doing about this dream of yours.

I know one day I want to write for publications like The Huffington posts or even magazines like Destiny. But before I can realize that dream, I have to have something every day that will show off my writing. It literally is about the little things you do every day.

The success we all want is different.

I might aspire to have a lot of money and that may be what I define as successful. But for someone who is unhappy, all they want in life may be to be happy, or for people who love helping others with every inch of their being, a number of people they help may be what they call success. You never know and can never judge someone based on how they see this.

I see a lot of people judging people based on what they count as success. Someone on twitter said that we should stop looking down on other people’s paths simply because we don’t think wht they are doing is adequate enough and that actually woke me up to look at it this way.

You will never see progress unless you start. Execution is worshiped. Talking about what you want to do is one thing, talking about what you have done is a whole new thing which will bring you to new opportunities. It is about time we stopped talking dreams and start preaching execution and setting goals because clearly our dreams are not being realized.

What are your thoughts on this “success” talk.


  1. Mmule says:

    You’re right.In other words I can say people don’t practice what they preach.
    Until you try out your idea,you’ll keep on postphoning that opportunity.
    I believe Success comes from being brave enough to actually present what you have to the public.

  2. Dineo says:

    You’re spot on Palesa. There is nothing that will propel you to greater heights than actually doing something. It’s a good thing to sit down and write your goals, read about the thing you would like to do, but it’s very important to give yourself deadlines – there are obstacles on the road to success but the beauty of getting your hands dirty is that you get to gain experience.

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