5 Effective Ways To Gain Self Discipline

Self-discipline is a state of mind. It’s a habit one creates for themselves and if mastered, can take you far in life. Most people don’t have discipline. In order to gain self-discipline, you must look for ways to do work without external motivation.

What we look for most of the time is motivation so that we can get work done at that specific time. The problem with motivation is that it runs out. It needs to be recharged constantly, almost every day for some people.

What most of us need is discipline so that we can be able to gain enough will power and gather enough inner strength to get up and be productive. Having enough will power will result in being as productive as possible and being able to overcome procrastination easily. Below are the 5 ways of developing discipline and making it into a habit that comes naturally without needing any extra energy.

1. Have a daily routine

A routine is something you do every day. It’s not that hard to develop one especially if you have classes or work 9-5. It forces you to work even if you don’t want to. It’s sort of an automatic discipliner.

If nothing like work or classes isn’t forcing you to do your work like I am with blogging, then forming a routine can be difficult. It is much harder since it’s very easy to dismiss all your daily tasks and watch Game of Thrones all day.

One thing that will never fail you is making to do lists. They are so effective and there is nothing like the feeling of crossing off a task from your planner. It is so liberating.

The routine will become automatic for you. You won’t have to think about it to do it. You’ll procrastinate less when you know what you have to do and at what time.

2. Have someone tell you when you’re being lazy

This keeps you on your toes, especially if it’s someone you care about and are trying to make proud. If my mom tells me I’ve been on the phone for too long, I start feeling guilty when I use the phone instead of studying. Although guilt is a bad motivator, when you’re deep into procrastinating, it’s needed. It may require a lot more effort to become productive after that but it will get you moving.

Another way around this is to have a bet with someone. If one of you is slacking off, something drastic happens to them. You may have to give them money or a valuable belonging. This will encourage you to stop being lazy; if you value your goods enough.

If you don’t have a friend committed enough to do this; remember there’s a website/app for everything. Beer Minder lets you take a pledge with money and when you fail to keep up with your goal, you lose the amount of money you pledged.

Let’s say you’re a blogger and pledge $5 and say you’ll write a blog post every day. If you fail to do so, you lose $5. If you love money like most of us, this will be a painful loss and you won’t do it again.

3. Believe that you are disciplined

Once you believe you are something, you begin to embody it. If you believe you are a disciplined and productive person, you will begin to live that way. It’s better to fake it till you make it when it comes to being disciplined, this is so that when you make it, you are not that behind with your work.

4. Force yourself to get started

It’s a proven fact that the hardest part of being productive is getting started. Before you get started you don’t have any momentum and the energy needed to do the work is greater. If you want being productive to come easily to you, you have to get started without even thinking about it.

If it’s studying, it will be easier to take your books and sit on your desk before going through what you have to do in your head. Thinking about the amount of work you have to do will make it seem like an impossible task and you will end up not getting things done.

This is where making effective to do lists come in.

5. Five-minute rule

If you can’t convince yourself to get started, then tell yourself to work for 5 minutes and then stop. Usually, after this time frame, you would have gained momentum and you forget your initial plans of working just a bit.

After a while, this method tends to stop working because you know you will end up working longer. It’s best not to rely on this method because your mind will get used to you tricking it and this will be useless. Rather start doing this when in desperate times just so it won’t get old.


With all of that said, I believe being disciplined just takes courage and wanting something more than anything in the world. If what you are trying to do bores you and you don’t really want it thaf bad, then all of this will be useless information because let’s face it, doing nothing is fun.

What is it that you are trying to gain discipline at?

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