Achieve Big Goals Without Burning Out

Achieve big goals without burning out

Achieving goals isn’t the easiest, especially big goals. I’ve always set big goals for myself. For example, one of my biggest goals is to make R5 000 a month at least from this blog just to suppliment. And although in my mind this does not seem realistic, I told myself if other people manage to do it then surely I can manage.

Setting big goals is scary because there is a high chance of failure, and nobody likes failing. The benefit though is that once you manage to reach that goal, you will be much more confident to try to achieve bigger goals. This mindset will make you more successful than you’ve ever been.

The one thing that makes achieving these goals close to impossible is not taking immediate action. No matter how much you plan to do something, not executing is the biggest mistake most of us make. It’s a habit that has to be broken because it brings nothing but disappointments in your life.

Just setting goals alone is not going to be enough. You have to know exactly how you are going to take action on your big goal. Like everything else, it’s better to take this step by step so you don’t become overwhelmed and end up quitting.

1. Have an action plan

We all know planning is important, and even though this may sound like outdated advise; planning is still one of the things that will help you have an organized mind. It will help you to focus better on what you want.

An action plan is knowing exactly what you are going to do and when. This will eliminate the urge to procrastinate because you won’t have a reason to.

Sometimes we put things off because we don’t know where to start. If you have a plan, this excuse will be invalid.

Setting an action plan shouldn’t have to be a complicated process unless your goal is to go to outer space or something like that. Here is how you can do it:

How To Create An Action Plan

2. Set small goals with hard deadlines

Making a goal to start a business and start making a certain amount of money in the new year might work, but that goal needs action to be reachable. The correct way to do this is to give yourself small goals daily or weekly and tell yourself you will make it happen within that time frame.

These goals should have hard deadlines so that you feel rushed to finish them. Without a deadline, we tend to procrastinate. This happens especially when you are working on your own because you don’t have a pushing factor like a teacher or a boss to tell you when things should be done.

As you do this, that big goal will get closer and closer to being accomplished and that is exactly your aim. You shouldn’t set goals you know are going to be impossible. Be fair to yourself.

3. Go public with your goal.

Most of the time, I’m not afraid of telling people about my goals. At school I always tell people what I’m aiming for and while most people just look at me and laugh because I always set goals that seem impossible, just to push myself. I don’t want to feel embarrassed in front of my peers so when I tell them I will do something, I make sure I follow through.

Having people wait for you to do something is a lot of pressure sometimes, but you do need it. If you never get things done, try telling your parents what you are planning because they probably won’t forget and will keep asking about it.

If you care about your goal, you will end up taking action after getting a constant reminder that you haven’t done anything to take action.

Big Goals To Set For The New Year

Most set new goals when the new year arrives, but statistics show that only 8% of those people are successful with those resolutions. That means when you do set these goals, you have to have an action plan. That is the most important thing. And don’t procrastinate. Now, onto the list.

1. Start a business

I believe in independence and think everyone should be able to make their own money. Starting a business may seem daunting but if you have a plan, everything will work out. There are many blogs out there to help you if you want to start a business.

2. Start a blog

I will always recommend this because nothing brings me more joy than blogging. I love everything about the process and I don’t want any of you to miss out of this great hobby.

Blogging can also go hand in hand with starting a blog because your blog can make you money and become a business.

But you shouldn’t come into blogging for the money. You should love the process because if you don’t, then I’m sure you will quit too soon. This is because unlike a normal business, blogs take a long time to make money.

3. Become financially free.

Develop plans to pay off your student debt, pay off your credit cards and just be debt free. I can imagine how freeing it must be to not have the weight of debts on your shoulders. If anything, this should be a resolution for everyone with debts.

4. Drink more water

I may not be big on health but drinking water has helped me so much for me not to mention. I don’t have to mention the benefits because you probably know them, you just have to take action and watch your health improve.

One way to do this would be to download a habit tracking app so you can see your progress. The app I recommend is Habitbull. You can create a habit and decide when you should be reminded to do it (drink water) and at the end of the day you state whether you were successful of not.

One mistake I made with this was to set too many habits at once. Focus on one or two and make sure you are successful with them. The two goals I have is to drink two liters of water a day and floss twice a day.

5. Watch less TV

If you count a number of hours you watch tv in a day and it is more than 4 hours, then you are doing it too much. If you want to accomplish more in the new year, spend more time trying to get more done than watching endless addictive series on tv (I know how hard that is).

What do you do to ensure that your new year resolution is successful? Comment down below


  1. Danielle says:

    Great tips!

    I have a friend who set a goal to have her website completed for her non-profit on Jan 1. After she set her goal, she posted it on social media. That’s what I call a hard deadline. I’m unintentionally stopped watching so much TV while in grad school and it’s been that way ever since. It’s the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I use that time to learn and grow and save TV for when my ever turning mind needs a break.

    • Palesa says:

      Hard deadlines are a bit stressful but they are also very effective, which is what I love about them.

      And as for tv, its good that you don’t watch it so much. It wastes a lot of time and most of the time we don’t notice just how much time is wasted.

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