Acne Products That Did Not Work

I have had acne for six years. For those long six years I have used a lot of products trying to get rid of my acne. Today I’m going to list all the products I have used that have NOT worked. I think this is very crucial because when we search on blogs, all we hear about is the good part about the products but not many write about what didn’t work for them.

I don’t judge people who don’t write negative reviews because that can ruin your relationship with brands, but I don’t have any brand collaborations, so I’m free to say whatever. Save your coins, some of these are really bogus.

Dove Bar Soap

I don’t blame anyone that this didn’t work because it didn’t give any promises. It was recommended by the dermatologist and it worked well with the treatment, not so much by itself though. I still do use it because it’s not harsh on my skin and it gives it moisture, even though it doesn’t get rid of the pimples.


Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1

I had such high hopes for this product. Everyone was recommending it, talking about how it got rid of their pimples and they got clear skin in a week. It’s also convenient because it is a cleanser, an exfoliator, and a mask but unfortunately for me, it did not work.

Garnier Even & Matte

This is one of those products that I read a lot of reviews about before buying and all of them told me it would work, it doesn’t. For acne anyway. I don’t blame it since it doesn’t really say it’s for acne, that is just what people told me it would work for. Maybe after I get rid of the pimples it might work for my dark marks.

Benzac AC 5 Benzoyl Peroxide

It hurts me so much to include this because it has worked so well in the beginning. But a few months in, it just stopped. I still recommend it though because it really does work if you are consistent with it. I will still be using it because I loved the results so much. It is a bit pricey though, going at  R240 for a 40g tube.

Ponds Pimple Clear

It doesn’t work, that’s just the plain truth. I’m not bashing any brand or anything but this literally did nothing for my skin. I was so disappointed because I bought the big tube and didn’t finish it because my skin was just breaking out even more. Ponds ads are so misleading, some of the claiming clear skin after 3 days. All lies.

Cuticura Face Wash

One thing I liked about this is that for once I had even skin tone, not counting where my acne scars are. For the longest time my forehead was a little bit darker but after using this for a few weeks my skin was even. I did hear that Cuticura is sometimes used for skin lightening so I don’t know how to feel about that. It is sold in stores so it doesn’t contain the illegal skin lightening ingredients.

I will be trying the be soap and see how it works

Clean & Clear Bar Soap

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Bar Soap

Not much to say about the Clean & Clear products because I used them years back so I don’t really remember how they were. All I remember is that they were one of the first products I tried, along with the exfoliator. Clearly (excuse the pun) did not work because my skin is still full of pimples.

Maybe it’s just because my skin is too acne prone that these products didn’t work. The worst part is that some had salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, two chemicals meant to work on reducing the sebum and getting rid of breakout but somehow they still don’t work.

I’m still willing to try out a few more products before completely giving up and going to see a dermatologist and asking for Accutane again. I’m still very reluctant on Accutane because of the side effects but it looks like I might not have a choice.

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