Is Blogging For Me?

For the past month, writing hasn’t really been the easiest thing to do. With all the posts I have posted, you would think I have a lot to say about a lot of things but I realized I actually don’t. I have run out of ideas.

I struggle to come up with topics because as much as writing about fashion and beauty excites me, I’m not at a level where I can just buy products simply to review them. I can’t talk fashion because my clothes look like crap and I can’t write lifestyle because I don’t really have much of a life to document.

It just feels like I literally have nothing going on so I can’t write anything valuable because writing is either fact or experience and I hate writing fact because a blog is about personal experience.

Between all these thoughts and wanting to grow my blog, everything I’m saying is contradicting another. I want to grow but I’m not able to produce enough content to do so.

I really do wish I had ideas on what to blog about.

Initially, I wanted to start a blog about studying tips because I had a ton of those and people kept asking me, but that idea died as I realized there really isn’t much content to write on that topic. A series of posts would be enough to cover the topic.

I then wanted a beauty blog but then realized that the only beauty thing I do is use a face wash and moisturizer for my skin but I have acne so that means I’m doing everything wrong when it comes to my skin. I can’t exactly give people advice about what I’m struggling with. That is just wrong on so many levels.


There is also the problem with photography. Maybe I read so many blogs and see bloggers collaborating with photographers or just generally having nice pictures but I envy good photography. Someone could take a picture of a tree and it would look amazing because of camera quality. As much as I want good original pictures on here, the resources are just not there. It makes blogging so hard.


My biggest struggle so far is data. I feel like sobbing when I think about this because it is my biggest obstacle and I just can’t find a way of solving it. I know if I had unlimited data I would be at a better place with my blog. It puts so much restriction on creativity and I hate it. At times I would want to schedule my social media but I would run out of data which means my traffic for that day or week will suffer.

Or I could want to write but because I can’t google the facts, I would come at a stand still. Or I could have a post written but fail to publish it because I don’t have access to the internet. This is the main reason I haven’t posted in April. I have posts in my drafts but I don’t have data to search for blog pictures and to design all the graphics that come with a proper blog post

I ask myself if this really is what I want to do, having to deal with all of this when I could be chilling and watching tv all day. What I’m going to do is, while this is not deal, I won’t post on a schedule or according to categories. If I don’t have data I won’t stress about blogging. I have no control over that. And when reading other blogs, I won’t compare, we are on different levels.

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