Is Instagram Killing Your Confidence?

I’m sure we are all guilty of over filtering our pictures before we put them out for the world to see. This is because even when a person is confident, you can’t take away the fact that insecurities exist and most of us don’t want other people to see that.

With that said, when other people see you they probably aren’t keeping in mind that your pictures are filtered. Some may want to look like the filtered version of you and that will cause insecurity in others.

I don’t think there is a problem with editing your pictures to what you want them to be. Everybody is capable of doing it. The problem that seems to arise is that when you keep looking at your pictures, constantly fixing your insecurities, you might end up losing confidence and hating that part of your body because of that.

If editing makes you notice things that you hate about yourself then you shouldn’t be doing it at all. When I first heard of this I thought it was ridiculous but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense.

For example most of the time I feel really bad for myself when I see other people making it in life while I’m not doing anything. People are graduating, opening businesses and a bunch of other things while I do nothing. It can get depressing, even when I know my time is still coming. Even when I know these people are older or on another level, the fact that I¬†know I’m also capable of doing what everybody is doing but still not doing doesn’t feel nice.

In dedication to this post, I have decided that I will show everyone how my face looks before and after adding those filters we love so much.

I hate my skin. I honestly do. I literally look sick on the picture without filters but I still think it’s important for me because sometimes I feel like I’m lying to people. I always cover up my acne with filters. That is something I’m not ashamed of because and it makes me feel more confident in myself.

I know it happens sometimes bit I still don’t think someone else’s picture should have the power to make you feel horrible about yourself. You should be confident enough to tell yourself that you look good. There is always going to be a person who is more attractive than you, and that shouldn’t be an issue you have to deal with.

Do you think watching at other people do their thing will make you depressed?

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  1. thobilemasondo says:

    Hi, great post Palisa. We should accept and love ourselves regardless of our flaws. But you skin is not bad Palisa, you are actually beautiful. I’m shocked that you are saying you hate your skin even without the filter. Our mind and the pressures makes us feel worse than we actually are.

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