March 2017 Blogging Goals

February was a really unproductive month. I realized that I get so attached to a routine so much that I find it difficult to change. My blogging goals for February was to post at least 10 blog posts and then some but because of laziness and being used to sitting around, that ended up being only two posts.

Breaking bad habits is hard, especially if they are your comfort zone. The one thing that has helped in the past was making goals and writing them down, making sure to keep myself accountable.

So from this month on, I will be writing down my monthly goals and trying, by all means, to achieve every single thing on the list. It really is hard to not be a perfectionist when it comes to my writing but I have to learn to post even if I’m not feeling a post. Here are my March goals:

Personal goals

1. Drink 2 litres of water every day

I probably make this a goal every month but never manage to make it happen for a full month. I can do it today and forget tomorrow so being consistent is what I need to do.

the plan for this is to buy a water bottle since that really helps when it comes to drinking more water. When a bottle is beside you all the time, each time you look at it, you remember that you have to keep yourself hydrated.

2. Organize my laptop

Sometimes the thought of formatting my laptop just so it can be organized creeps in my mind. It is such a mess in there and I’m even scared of entering some folders because it is just a collection of things that shouldn’t be together.

Just about everything on my laptop is on my desktop because if it’s not then I forget where the hell I put it. After this is a success I might write a tutorial on how I did it. Hopefully, I don’t resort to deleting everything. somehow that is always my solution for things that stress me out.

3. Make more Girl-friends

making girl friends

When you’re in a new place, the number one goal mostly is to make friends. One thing I did not expect was to only manage to make guy friends.

Girls are so hard to approach because they usually have mean faces or don’t reply when you try to interact with them. Some look annoyed and I can’t stand that type of thing. With that said, I do prefer good girl-friends over guys because girls are just more similar to me.

I doubt that I will achieve this but it doesn’t hurt to try

Blogging goals

1. Publish at least 15 posts.

Some may think this is stupid or overwhelming and while it is, my blog needs the posts. I only have a handful of them and if I want success, the pace I’m going at will not work. I will try to post every second day so even batch posts to make this an easier process. I don’t work or go to school so this should be a piece of cake…not!

2. Promote more on Social Media

Personal promotion is awkward. Most of the time it feels like you are spamming people and some even tell you the posts are annoying. But it is still very necessary. A new blog will probably suffer without any social media attention so I have to do what I have to do.

I want to start scheduling social media promotions on Buffer for twitter and then focus my attention on Pinterest because I can’t afford a scheduler for it. From there I have also found that Reddit does bring in some traffic so maybe that is a good source of traffic.

Follow Me On Twitter

3. Write more South African related posts

Most of my audience is from the US but the second biggest audience number is South Africa. This is because my social media has a lot of people from my country so when I promote, I promote to them. I should be thinking of them when writing sometimes.

Most of my posts can be read by almost anyone but I want to grow my SA audience and hopefully, that will be beneficial in the end.

4. Keep up with my accountability buddy

I struggle to make friends in the blogging world because most of the people are either moms or grown up. Finding millennial bloggers is hard which is why I want to keep contact with the people I already have. I need a reliable accountability buddy to help me achieve all these goals.

Having someone who constantly asks you if you have done this or that and comparing yourself to them will be a major help because I’m so competitive so hopefully we can have some healthy competition.

The biggest goal of them all is writing a lot more because this is the one thing that I really need to do but always avoid. I didn’t want to have number goals because I always fail at that and end up feeling horrible about myself in the end. Hopefully, writing these down will hold me accountable.

What do you hope to accomplish in March?

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  1. FinancePatriot says:

    Have you thought about putting ads on your blog? I figure it’s part of the learning process. About 10 years ago I had a blog on blogger, and had ads on it. I set the payout to $0 and received a check each month, yes less than $1. It was motivating though.

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