10 Things To Learn In 2017

A year is very long and if you don’t decide to take action on things you ant to do right now, in the blink of an eye it will be June and you will have a lot of regrets. The beginning of the year gives you a good, clean slate to start to learn new things and enhance your abilities.

Learning new things will help you gain self-confidence because once you are a pro at something, you be more interesting and people will admire you. That will, in turn, make you see yourself in a new light and have confidence in yourself.

Things you could learn don’t have to stop at your profession or at school, in fact, those shouldn’t count much because it is necessary that you learn them. Make is a challenge for yourself this year to learn at least five of these things. Most of them are so easy; you can learn them in a few weeks.


1. Programming

Learning some basic HTML and CSS will be so useful to you and learning is as easy as going to YouTube. I think that coding or programming (still learning the difference) is a skill that all of us need to have, at least at a basic level.

It looks difficult, and it probably is but you should never be afraid of doing something because it is a little challenging. So go on to khan academy and start watching their videos. That’s all it takes to get started.

2. Hand Lettering

If like me you want to start bullet journaling, writing those pretty quotes on Tumblr and Instagram, then you better start learning this. This is the one thing I promise myself to know before June because its so pretty and doesn’t look as hard as drawing, which was my initial goal.

It can become a freelancing job when you get really good at it and there is nothing wrong will some extra cash. In fact, we all need some. If you are good at hand lettering then you can look for jobs on Upwork and Fiverr.

3. Take Good Photos

This is one of those difficult ones in my opinion. I’m not creative in a sense of graphics so having to take really good pictures becomes a tough job. This is especially because I don’t have a good camera.

With that said, it is a useful skill to learn. You will have good memories shown in good pictures, which is such a bonus. And if you’re a blogger then you will stop using stock photos, which I’m sure most bloggers want to stop using at some point.

So if you have some money, then spend it on a really good camera and start learning some techniques.

4. Make Basic Online Designs

You see that graphic at the beginning of this post; it was easy to learn how to make it. Learning how to make such graphics is so fun and it doesn’t take much time to learn. I was able to make basic ones in a week or two so if you don’t want to commit, then this is what you should try.

There are so many resources online so there is no excuse for not learning. You can start with watching a few YouTube videos and then in no time you will be making some really good graphics.

The program I will have to recommend is Canva because it is so easy to learn, but some people prefer Pic Monkey and Photoshop. Use whatever you are comfortable with.

5. Read Faster

Reading a lot of books is rewarding in terms of the information and knowledge you gain but it sometimes difficult. This is because we read too slow.

If your new year’s resolution includes reading a lot of books, then this will be very useful. I would not recommend this for those who read fiction because it includes a lot of intimate moment that you have to indulge in. reading fast will just ruin it for you.

6. Learn a Language

South Africa has eleven official languages. It is sort of an unwritten rule that you must be multilingual so I’m trying to understand at least five more of these languages. Trying to learn to speak them is a story for another day.

If your country has multiple languages, then try to learn them, even if it’s just understanding them like I’m doing. If you take one thing from this post then let it be this one because being able to understand people from another culture shows that you respect them, which is what you should be aiming for.

7. How to Cook

I’d like to believe we all love some good food. So if you do, then learn to make them yourself. This will help you save money and stay healthy because home cooked meals are a lot healthier than takeaways. This is common knowledge.

This will just require you to buy a local cookbook (so you can easily find the ingredients) and go buy whatever you need and start making some divine food. In no time you won’t even need recipes, you will just start throwing things around and making amazing things.

8. How to do Makeup

Even if this is just learning how to tweeze your eyebrows or how to put on foundation really well or putting on fake eyelashes, it’s still something. Like these other things to learn, you can find tutorials (tons of them) on the amazingness that is YouTube.

9. Public Speaking

If you have a platform to be good at this then, by all means, try to be. I wish I had learned while I was in high school but I was always so shy and reserved that I never got to do it.

It’s not an easy thing to learn, especially if you are very shy and are among people who tend to laugh at nothing (aka my peers). But I would encourage it.

There are many ways you can learn. From being spontaneous and doing an unprepared speech at the school assembly to just saying something at a really big church. Those are the things that build you and make you good.

10. Learn a new Instrument

Whether it’s playing the drums, the guitar or the piano, the internet has made it easier for us to learn anything we put our mind to. By the end of 2017, you should be able to play one instrument that you weren’t able to play in 2016.

It can become a wonderful new hobby.

Like I mentioned above, you don’t have to do all of these, but you should at least try four or five of them, because your year may be wasted without you learning anything new.

Some of them are really easy so start with those before you jump to the difficult ones that require time and money. For example, learn how to do basic online graphics before buying an expensive camera to take good photos.

What I like about the above is that you can make money with them if you hustle really hard and really good.

What is the one thing on the list that you will learn, and why?


  1. irena_bookdustmagic says:

    I would like to learn first five things you mentioned, especially that programming thing, but I already know that I’m doomed. It’s like the whole different universe that is unfamiliar to me.
    And oh, I’d be so happy if I coud read faster.

  2. Mmule says:

    I’m intending to learn how to play a piano…
    I think that’ll work in my favour as i’m also becoming better @ singing.

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